When Mattison asked me if I'd be interested in shooting her and her husband's kitchen for its big reveal, I was excited! For two reasons:

1. I love interior design, decorating, and DIY.

2. I knew it'd be the perfect opportunity for me and my boyfriend, Jason, to work together.

Jason is a real-estate and commercial photographer so this was right up his ally and his specialty. You can see more of his work here. Being a natural light photographer, this was a learning experience for me. Jason, on the other hand, has a whole room in our house as a studio with all the lights and gear, and he photographs houses weekly. I definitely needed Jason on this shoot so he could really get the kitchen in all its glory, so we teamed up and headed over to Mattison and Shane's house.

This kitchen remodel was a chance for Mattison and Shane to work together too! Together, they transformed an outdated and dreary room to this bright space, ready for lots of cooking, gathering, and wine toasts. I love the brightness and the quartz countertops! I also really like the gray/blue colors used in the backsplash and on the bar area, complimenting the veins in the quartz.

You must see the before photos of this project, it's WILD! To see the before photos and read more about this amazing DIY kitchen remodel, head over to Mattison's blog, City Soul Southern Heart, here and show some love! She also has tons of info about Columbia, SC as a city and all the best restaurant and activity recommendations to plan a girl's night out or a weekend getaway!