I'm Ami!

I am a lifestyle photographer, local to Sumter, SC, but often in Charleston and Asheville, NC. 

I chose to specialize in lifestyle photography because I think it's important to have photos that represent the joyful and significant "in between" moments of life. Don't get me wrong, I love weddings and all the pretty details, it's just not where my photography journey has taken me. If wedding photography is what you're looking for, I have a few recommendations. Just send me a quick message.


I love when a couple decides to have photos made "just because" or to celebrate a 5 year anniversary, or 30! I also think teens should feel confident and have great photos to show all that confidence off! I hope I can allow their true personality to shine!

I want it to be known that I will happily provide my services to anyone and everyone. Every race, gender, all couples, all nationalities, and religions. No exceptions, you are welcome in front of my lens. 


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