I'm Ami!

I am a photographer local to Columbia, SC, but often in Charleston and Asheville, NC.


I moved to SC in 2016 & it's safe to say, I'll probably stay. I love the mild winters, oyster roasts, & marshes in the Lowcountry. However, I'm originally from Knoxville, TN & I will take any chance I get to be in the mountains I call home. Some of my favorite photo shoots are in those mountains, so I'm down if you're down; let's plan it! 


I've lived all over the South and have found so much love for what the South offers in terms of scenery. The beach, marshes, quite a few large cities, lots of charming small towns, mountains, waterfalls, famous gardens, and more are all available for us to use as unique backdrops for photos. Don't you love that too? 

I've been in photography on and off for 10 years. Some time after college, the military, college again, & life, I decided to dive in head first. I still use my degree from the Medical University of South Carolina by being involved in research and assisting with other projects, but photography is my passion & I'm excited to meet people, get inspired, and create something crazy beautiful.​

Some non-photography related facts about me:

  • I love dogs. All of them. So bring yours.

  • I'll get in my car and drive to see a sunset better. Rooftops and sunsets, starry skies and warm summer nights -  my favorite. 

  • I'm a fan of interior design, DIY, and home renovations. All the tools in the garage are mine.

  • I flew on what's known as JSTARS in the Air Force, conducting ground and maritime surveillance.

  • My favorite types of food are all Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. If you have any recommendations for restaurants, let me know!